VS Code May 2019 Release Brings New Product Logo

Visual Studio Code May 2019(v 1.35) is released. The new release comes with Updated Visual Studio Code icon along with several updates and additions to the editor.

Visual Studio Code May 2019(v 1.35) is now available.
Key updates in the release are as below:
  • An Updated VS Code icon - the company is introducing a new product logo for VS Code.
Source: Microsoft
  • The team has made several Go to Definition improvements to give you faster navigation through multiple definitions.
  • Now, the Breadcrumb navigation is displayed by default, which will help you to quickly go to files and symbols via breadcrumbs.
  • Smart selection is introduced for JavaScript/TypeScript, to allow you to expand text selection based on language semantics.
  • Extract to type alias TypeScript refactoring - this will help you to extract part type into its own type alias.
  • Now, the Integrated terminal supports true color.
  • Merge conflict display has been enhanced, you now will be able to see merge conflict changes within surrounding source code.
  • There is a Collapse All command for lists and explorers.
  • Remote Development (Preview) is available in Stable, this will enable to use the Remote Development extensions in Stable.
To see more details, you can visit the release notes here.