VS Code November 2019 Released

November 2019 release for VS Code (version 1.41) is available now.

Visual Studio Code released November 2019 release. November 2019, also dubbed version 1.41, brings a number of useful updates.
Source: Visual Studio 
Some of the key updates in new version include
  • Compact folders in Explorer - this means that single child folders now comes collapsed by default.
  • Edit left side of diff views - this allows you to edit both files in a difference view.
  • Update search results while typing - Global search results update while you type.
  • Problems panel improvements - this allow you to filter by problem type and limit output to the active file.
  • Minimap highlights errors and content changes - you can now quickly locate problems and changes in your file.
  • Terminal minimum contrast ratio - enables you to set preferred contrast ratio for increased visibility.
  • HTML mirror cursor in tags - the new version features automatic multi-cursor in matching HTML tags.
  • Optional chaining in JS/TS - you can now sse the ?. operator in order to simplify working with nested structures.
  • Extract interface refactoring allow you to extract an inline type to a TypeScript interface much faster.
  • Remote - Containers extension provides better support for opening repositories in Docker containers.
  • Visual Studio Online enables you to Create and connect to cloud-based development environments.
To see full and detailed list of updates you can visit the official announcement here.