VS Code Version 1.44 Released

Version 1.44 (March 2020 release) of Visual Studio Code was released recently.
Some of the key updates include Accessibility improvements, Timeline view, Better Quick Open for files, Persisted Undo/Redo stack, New Python tutorials, Settings Sync preview, and Extension Pack display.
March 2020 releaseof Visual Studio Code features easier diff view navigation and clearer role designations for UI controls. You can now use F7 and Shift+F7 to navigate through changes and use the Stage / Unstage / Revert Selected Ranges commands to stage, unstage, or revert the current change.
The behavior of the Quick Pick widget has been tuned and the current line CodeLens can now be shown in the Quick Pick with the 'Show CodeLens Commands For Current Line' command.
With the release of version 1.44, the Timeline view is now out of preview and enabled by default. Timeline view is a unified view for visualizing time-series events for a file. It automatically updates showing the timeline for the currently active editor, by default. Users can control this default behavior by toggling the eye icon in the view toolbar. Like other views, the Timeline view also supports find or filter as you type.
Source: visualstudio.com
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