Want cheaper iPhone 5? Try Walmart

Walmart is ready to attract more consumers this holiday season. We saw the iPad 4 prices discount on Walmart were lower than others and now Walmart is pushing other Apple products including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 4 and iPods.

While most of the retailers including Apple is selling iPhone 5 for $199 (with a 2 year contract), Walmart has gone farther and sliced its price to just $127 for the iPhone 5 16GB, a report published on 9to5Mac reported today. The catch is, you will have to visit a local Walmart store. These deals are in-store only. 

Not only iPhone 5 but Walmart also slashed prices on other Apple products. The price for iPhone 4S is between $89.97 to $47 starting today and 16 GB third-generation iPad with Wi-Fi to $399. Walmart said its iPad deal would feature a bonus $30 iTunes card beginning Dec. 17, but all special rollback prices are in-store only.

I am sure Walmart may not make lot of profit from these products but they will certainly prove to be the mobile and electronics destinations. Best Buy is already struggling as more consumers shop online now.