Web Applications attacked every 2 minutes

Data security company Imperva released research today that says Web applications are probed or attacked 27 times an hour, or once every two minutes. At the peak of attacks, some Web applications see probes or attacks 25,000 times an hour, or seven times per second. The research gives concrete numbers to what security researchers, governments and enterprises have known for a while - their networks are persistently under attack.

When researchers look for malware and attack vectors, the tendency is to look for vulnerabilities in portals or code. Yet, most of the major data breaches in recent news have been the result of attacks on Web apps like email and data systems. The goal for hackers is to break applications with automated attacks searching for vulnerabilities until the apps crack and spill data straight into the hands of the hackers.

Imperva saw three distinct trends in observing Web app attacks from Dec. 2010 to May 2011: the attacks use four distinct strategies, they are automated and they originate in the United States.

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