Web Template Studio Released In Preview

Microsoft Web Template Studio preview is available to help you accelerate the creation of full-stack web applications.

Recently, Microsoft announced an early release of Microsoft Web Template Studio. The solution is a cross-platform extension for Visual Studio Code to simplify and accelerate the development of new full-stack web applications.
The company said that Web Template Studio is open source on GitHub, it uses a dev-friendly wizard to generate the application and provide a ReadMe.md to give developers step by step instructions.
Though Web Template Studio is extremely early in development, the company wants to render it to the community and get a broader set of feedback. Currently, the Template Studio supports one full-stack app path with React and Node.js.
Source: Microsoft Blog 
You can install the extension from Visual Studio Marketplace’s Web Template Studio page.
The company said that the Web Template Studio is a creation of its  Garage internship program. The Garage internship is a unique program for talented students to work in groups of six-eight on challenging engineering projects.