What is new in EF7

Here is a list of some of the new features coming in Entity Framework 7.
The vision for EF7 is “a core framework that handles concepts common to most data stores with provider specific extensions that become available when you target a specific provider”.
The top priority of EF7 is its use in other applications that target the full .NET (WPF, Windows Forms, Console, and ASP.NET 4). EF7 will be the default data stack for ASP.NET 5 applications. The initial release of EF7 is not expected to support all platforms like Phone/Store applications.
SQL Server will be available for data support in ASP.NET 5. In coming days, it will also have PostgreSQL to support the standard Mac/Linux environment.
Some of the functionality of EF7 like be lazy loading and inheritance mapping patterns are excluded from the initial release of ASP.NET 5.
The initial ASP.NET 5 release will have the following features:
  • Complete in-flight features
  • Fix bugs
  • Add test coverage
  • Test and improve performance
  • API reviews
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Clear exceptions for unsupported scenarios
  • Documentation
  • Add logging throughout stack

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