What's New In Android Studio 4.0

Recently, Google announced that Android Studio 4.0 is now available on the stable channel. The latest release features a new Motion Editor, build Analyzer and Java 8 language APIs.
Build Analyzer helps developers to investigate reasons for slower build times, and Java 8 language APIs can be used despite an app’s minimum API level. The team has also overhauled the CPU Profiler user interface in order to give a more intuitive workflow and easier side-by-side analysis of thread activity. The new improved Layout Inspector offers live data of an app’s UI, so developers can easily debug exactly what’s being shown on the device.
In Android Studio 4.0, using MotionLayout API is made more comfortable with the new Motion Editor, which a robust interface for creating, editing, and previewing MotionLayout animations. Developers no longer need to create and modify complex XML files; the Motion Editor generates them for you, that also with the support for editing constraint sets, view attributes, transitions, and keyframes.
Seeing the code the editor creates is just one click away. For developers already using ConstraintLayout, the IDE can easily convert those to MotionLayout.
The new Layout Inspector makes debugging your UI much more intuitive by providing you access to data that stays refreshed with your running app and providing insights on how resources are being determined.

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