Why C++ developers should download Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 became obtainable for download, carrying lots of new features for developers, including major updates for ASP.NET Web development, and more. In those new features few are especially designed for C++ developers.

In a post on the Visual C++ Team Blog, Eric Battalio, discloses certain reasons why C++ developers will want to download Visual Studio 2013. Here’s a look:

Improved C++ language conformance: Latest version of Visual Studio provides more variadic templates, delegating constructors, non-static data member initializers, uniform initialization, 'using' aliases, and other features.

New editor feature: This feature is introduced to enhance productivity, save time and for providing better context. Over 40 settings are added to control C/C++ code formatting. Brace completion, Parameter, Enhanced Vertical Scrollbar, Navigate To and more improvements are introduced in this release. For a list of editor and productivity improvements, see C++ IDE Improvements in Visual Studio 2013.

Better performance and improved code quality: Visual C++ compiler has been improved in this release, so that it produces faster codes even with present sources. An optimization has been added that changes the order of certain, nested loops to reduce stalls on memory access. Auto-vectorizer, Profile 
Guided Optimization (PGO) for Windows Store apps, vector calling convention for x86/x64 platforms, and other improvements are also introduced.

Connected Windows 8.1 apps:  To connect with Windows 8.1 apps use Add Push Notification wizard to register your app with the Windows Store, configure your mobile service to enable push notifications, and add code to your app to register the device. The DirectX Templates, DirectX App, DirectX App (XAML) also included along with the new C++ library for Azure mobile services and the C++ REST Extension SDK that provides connectivity. 

Enhancements to debugging and profiling: In Visual Studio 2013, new XAML UI tool in the Visual Studio Performance and Diagnostics hub helps developers to analyze responsiveness in XAML-based Windows Store apps. Just My Code to hide the code you didn't write to focus your debugging on the code you did write, and improved async debugging and enabled JavaScript/Native interop debugging are also added. 

Enhanced C++ AMP: In Visual Studio 2013, C++ AMP gets enhanced debugger and profiler support so that developer can examine operations being performed on the GPU. A lot of features to increase support for textures and side-by-side CPU/GPU debugging are also added.

Improved graphics debugging: In this release, support for debugging apps on remote machines or devices (x86, x64, ARM) are added so that better identify hardware-specific issues are resolved. Visual Studio 2013 also supports the debugging of apps that use Deferred Context or Compute Shader written in HLSL. 

These are the some improvements which encourage a developer to switch to Visual Studio 2013. Check out what’s new with Visual Studio 2013 for details.