Will Windows Phone 8 Secure Microsoft’s Mobile Future

Will Windows Phone 8 Secure Microsoft’s Mobile Future

It is probably too early to predict the future of Windows Phone 8 but reports have been much better than the previous versions. Either you call it good marketing, publicity or a better product but things seems to be improving for Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft. 

Not only does Microsoft's, but also NOKIA’s, future relies on the success of Windows Phone 8.

A news published on Bloomberg reported that Windows Phone 8 is selling much faster than its predecessor, Windows Phone 7.x. As a matter of fact, Windows Phone 8 is selling 4-times faster, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said.

“Windows Phone 8 has been on sale for a few weeks and is off to a great start,” Ballmer said at a shareholders’ meeting today. Handsets made by HTC Corp. (2498) and Nokia Oyj (NOK1V)“are getting rave reviews and have initially sold out in many countries.”

Microsoft also got a good start with Windows 8. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it has sold over 40 million Windows 8 within a month. That is much faster than Windows 7 or any other operating system. 

If you ask me, I would call it a combination of everything. Windows Phone 8 is a much better and mature product now. The integration of Windows 8 and SkyDrive has helped people to stay on a single platform. Obviously, Outlook, IE and other productivity products have helped. On top of that, NOKIA has put everything in Lumia 920 and 820, whatever it got. 

When I talked to people, the following are the core reasons why they prefer Windows Phone 8 over iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III:

  • Stay on a single platform (Microsoft). Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are much alike and the user experience is similar.
  • Productivity is the key with the Integration with Windows 8, Outlook and other Microsoft products.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 is a better product.
  • Windows Phone 8 is a mature operating system.
  • People have more varieties of products to choose from. For example, I did not like the size of the Lumia 920 but I like the smaller, lighter and more powerful HTC.

Last point. 

People are just sick of Apple and its monopoly. Well, at least I am. Forget the price of the iPhone itself, the damn cases and accessories are costly. I refuse to pay $39.99 for an iPhone case.

People are just sick of Apple!

Alright. May be not all people. But I am.

While iPhone and Android may be well ahead in the game but people are looking for better alternatives.

What is your take on this?