Window 8 have Refresh and Reset Functionality

In this post you will get information about Refresh and Reset features of Window 8.

As you know Microsoft will launch Window 8 in Oct 2012. Microsoft's Window 8 have more features over the Window 7 and XP. The most feature of Window 8 are Refresh and Reset functionality. So we can say Microsoft will launch Window 8 with a  pair of related features.


Reset Feature

Reset is the new feature of Microsoft's Windows. Using Reset feature you can remove all personal data, applications, and settings from your PC, and reinstall Windows. You can also clear out all your data and start from scratch without creating a backup beforehand.

Refresh Feature

Refresh is also a new feature of Microsoft's windows. Using Refresh feature you can keep all your personal data, and important settings from your PC. The refresh feature only re-installs Metro-style applications.

The reset and refresh feature of Window 8 will be access by "PC Settings".