Windows 10 Anniversary SDK Preview 14383 Released For Testing

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Anniversary SDK Preview today. This Preview SDK can only be used in conjunction with the 14383 or greater Build of Windows 10 Insider Preview. The company, however, claims it to be a pre-release and advises the testers and developers that it should be used only on test machines.
There are a few points to remember if you are willing to test the Preview SDK:
1. This Preview SDK Build 14383 is a pre-release and can’t be used in a production environment.
2. The Preview SDK brings several under-development changes to the API surface area as well as many bug fixes.
3. The SDK doesn’t have a go-live licence, so, the apps developed using this SDK won’t be published on the store.
4. One can download this Preview SDK from the developer section of the Windows Insider website. The developer forum will help the tester to learn how to cope with the issues and updates the SDK contains.
It seems that Microsoft is very keen to make Windows 10 Anniversary a huge treat for developers and testers. So, keep your eyes open and keep testing the all new APIs that Windows 10 Anniversary Update will provide.