Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10158 available now

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10158. This new release is for Windows Insiders on the Fast ring. You can also force install it. Hit WIN+S and type Windows Update and select Check for Updates. You will see fbl_impressive Professional 10158 updates are available.
The build has some major UX improvements and new features have been added to Microsoft Edge with updates to Cortana, delay in Snipping Tool, and others.
Here are some updates. 
UX improvements
For continuum, the update includes improved Tablet mode animations, improved support for Windows 8/8.1 apps and classic (Win32) apps in Tablet mode. Swap up on the left side to open All apps while using the Start Menu. This will also work in Tablet mode, when you have opened up the left side of Start behind the Hamburger menu.
Microsoft Edge
With this build, Microsoft Edge branding is now included. There are some other improvements, such as customizations to the New Tab page, managing passwords for your favorite websites, drag and drop tabs to a new window, and others.
For saving favorites, follow the steps given in the official update before upgrading to the next build release.
Note: Microsoft Edge has a new app ID that will cause any favorites, cookies, history and Reading list items that you had saved in “Project Spartan” from previous builds to be lost after upgrading. If you want to keep these, make sure you back up your favorites before upgrading to Build 10158.
Updates to Cortana
As stated about cortana updates:
Cortana now has a dark theme color to match the rest of the OS. Tracking your flights has also been enabled so when you get an e-mail with flight or package information from supported providers they show up in the Cortana experience and Cortana will also alert you about them. Alerts for going to work, going home and the airport are also work now too.
Cortana’s integration with Office 365
Try out the Cortana integration with Office 365 if your company is opted into First Release for Office 365. With this build, Cortana gets even better with a connection to Office 365. The connection enhances Cortana’s ability to help you prepare for meetings, learn about the people you work with and remind you where you need to be next so you won’t be late.
Updated Photos app for Windows 10
An update is here to the Photos app via the Windows Store Beta. For example, the Photos app now supports animated GIFs. This support is added as one of the topmost requests from Windows Insiders.
 Photos app
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Snipping Tools
For those of you who use the Snipping Tool (that includes me), you’ll notice a new feature with this build. You can now set up to a 5-second delay to capture context menus. Here’s the image:
Snipping Tool 
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Insider Hub
According to this build, the Insider Hub app will not come pre-installed. It can be reinstalled using the following procedure:
  • Go to Settings, System, Apps & features.
  • Click Manage optional features then Add a feature.
  • Select the Insider Hub entry (the list is in alphabetical order) and click Install.
Surface 3
This new build 10158 has fixed an issue that prevented the Surface 3 from upgrading successfully in prior build. 
For complete updates, visit the official announcement