Windows 10 Preview On Skype Integration And Cortana

Microsoft has recently previewed the update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565 is available now. The new update comes with some interesting features. The new messaging app, with Skype integration is now available for testing. The new feature allows you to gain access to Skype messaging, audio as well as video.  
The new messaging app by Microsoft is equivalent to Apple’s iMessage. It is also similar to OS X messaging app with circular UI feature for contacts and two panel interfaces. Microsoft has also started the feature where the Skype users can be found with dialing mobile numbers. You no longer need user ID to add friends. 
Along with Skype integration, Microsoft is also bringing inking support to Cortana. You can now create reminders on notes, by putting in the exact time as well as date.
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With Windows 10, Microsoft is also making it a point to improve its Edge browser. A new tab preview has been enabled. This allows you to hover over the tab, and get a preview of what’s on the page. Another new feature is that now you can sync favorites and read the listed items. This allows you to pick the same bookmark on any other Windows 10 device.
Some more features have been added, like the vibrant title bars. You can now personalize the bar, by going to settings. Microsoft has worked on the context menu, which is on the start menu and has improved it for the better.