Windows 10 S Operating System Announced

In today’s Microsoft Edu event, Microsoft has announced a lightweight and streamlined operating system Windows 10 S. This basically is an education-oriented operating system designed especially for teachers, students, and those customers whose main motive is to access certain core software programs.
However, the analysts are seeing it as a competitor to Google Chrome OS, but Windows 10 S has some unique specialities. It is capable of running on any kind of hardware from low to high-end Windows 10 hardware configuration, and it is designed to boot faster, perform very efficiently, and run the apps available on Windows Store. Since the Windows Store apps run in a relatively safe container where malware and other threats aren't likely to be an issue, it is secure to use, and ideal for classrooms.
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Microsoft’s Terry Myerson stated,
“Windows 10 S is inspired by students and teachers, streamlined for simplicity, security and superior performance. I believe it best reflects the soul of Windows. With Windows 10 S, all the applications which teachers and students download come from the Windows Store where they are first verified for security, and then locally they each run in a safe “container”, ensuring consistent performance of the system. In the classroom, this ensures fast login times and consistent performance, enabling everyone in the classroom to start learning quickly, and stay focused without distraction.”
This new radically different version of the most popular Windows OS is expected to be redy this summer preloaded on a range of new Windows 10 PCs offered by the partner companies of Microsoft, such as – HP, ASUS, Dell, Samsung, Acer etc., at a starting range of $189.
Well, cost is an important factor for students and we hope Microsoft's this low-cost OS helps the educators and students write new chapters of success.