Windows 8 : A Confused Product at Wrong Time

Can Windows 8 become the next Windows Vista? I hope not. Windows Vista has major issues as a product. It had nothing to do with the technology shift and PC market slowdown.

Windows 8 came out on Oct 26 and the timing is just not right. In today’s market, consumers aren’t buying new PCs and laptops. Whatever money they have to spend on gadgets, they are spending on a Tablet and/or a new smartphone. I am more interested in buying a new iPhone or Tablet than a laptop. I already have a laptop.

Personally, I like Windows 8. If they restore that damn Start button then I am fine. Product performance is pretty good and I hardly switch to the Metro mode.

Paul Thurrott of Winsupersite has written a good article  on the same topic. Paul writes:

“One of my most trusted sources at Microsoft confirmed Windows 8’s weak start this week. And with all of the drama surrounding Windows 8 and the recent, unexpected departure of Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, rumors are sure to swirl.

And he adds factors including PC Makers, economy slowdown, leaving Windows product head Sinofsky, Surface and Microsoft as a product overall.

On top of that, Microsoft has pissed off almost every consumer I talked to about not having the “damn” Start Menu button. Why would you not have that? I still think Microsoft made a big mistake by not putting the Start button in Windows 8.

I personally have visited a local Microsoft Store to check things out and my take on Microsoft Store wasn’t that great. I am planning to revisit Microsoft Store today afternoon and will return the Surface RT I purchased. I am just not a Tablet guy. However, one thing I did notice is that all PCs and laptops at the Microsoft Store are touch enabled.




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