Windows 8 focus to take pain out of managing passwords

Microsoft will launch window 8 ,Which aims to take pain out of managing passwords.

Protecting on the Internet, requires the use of passwords. But that process has never been easy. Most people remembers too more passwords or use the same passwords for all their accounts. Using this process, hackers easy to access your personal information.


In the latest version of the Window 8, Dustin Ingalls, a group program manager on Microsoft's security and identity team, explains how both Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 will try to adopt that simpler yet secure approach.

The upcoming new Operating System of Microsoft will offer to users the ability to store and retrieve their Web site and application passwords through Internet Explorer 10.

The new version of Internet Explorer 10 will let users store and access the account names and passwords for all of the Web sites and many of the applications they use. One can choose to have Internet Explorer 10 securely house your credentials and then automatically retrieve them when you visit a password-protected site.


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