Windows 8 is gaining momentum, slowly

It has been almost 2 months since Windows 8 was introduced by Microsoft. And here we are. So where are we exactly? Is Windows 8 gaining momentum? 

Well, I am actively using Windows 8 on one of my laptops. I have most of my software working just fine including Visual Studio 2012, Blend, Office 2013, Project 2013 and others that I use in my everyday life.

Alright, So I am not the right case for this study. What about others?

It seems like Windows 8 gaining momentum but slowly. Windows 8 is definitely not as bad as Windows Vista when people just wanted their XP back. Admittedly, Windows 8 is missing the Start Menu but there is a workaround  and I am using it just fine. Windows 8 does have a steep learning curve and it will definitely take people time to get used to it.

Earlier, there were speculations about Windows 8. Salesforce CEO said Windows 8 is the end of Windows operating system but on the contrary, Windows 8 got rave reviews on tech blogging website like Verge.

"2.29% of C# Corner's 3.1 Million visitors use Windows 8"

After a month, Microsoft reported 40 million Windows 8 licenses were sold within a month and Dell just announced that Windows 8 is doing well.

Here is something interesting. In a study published is showing that 5.5% users are now using Windows 8.


I am not sure how reliable the above data is but I can tell for sure from our C# Corner analytics that Windows 8 is growing. In Oct and Nov months, we had 0% visitors using Windows 8. But on Dec month so far out of our 2.27 Million visitors, we already have 2.29% visitors now use Windows 8. Please keep in mind, C# Corner users are more likely to adapt a new operating system than an average user.