Windows 8 Surfaces as Challenge to Apple Mobile

An article published by Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is up to something with its newest operating system Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface tablet. This Friday (Oct 26) is the big day when Microsoft launches Windows 8 and Surface tablet.

Microsoft also announced SmartGlass  that allows you to view movies or videos on multiple devices wirelessly without any hardware storage like TIVO or cable boxes.

While developers are liking Windows 8, some experts are saying Microsoft-will-face-challenges-with Windows 8. Well, like it or not, Windows 8 is here and here to stay. So if you want Microsoft, get accustomed to Windows 8. 

From the article:

Windows 8, which will power desktops, laptops and handheld tablets, and the company’s new device, called Surface, will go on sale Oct. 26 following a kickoff event in New York tomorrow. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft is relying on the software, a product conceived in 2009, to revive interest in the personal computer. The PC market will contract by 1.2 percent to 348.7 million units this year, according to IHS ISuppli. That would be the first annual decline since 2001.

 “It’s starting to look like the biggest thing that Microsoft has ever done is going to be getting past the next few weeks,” said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Gartner Inc. who has covered the company since the release of Windows 95. “They have to match what it took competitors 10 years to do -- oh, and they have to bring partners along with them.”