Windows 8.1 to Ship with Camera Photo Loop Along with Updated Bing Search, Finance and Sports Apps

Microsoft recently released Windows 8.1 RTM for manufacturers and MSDN subscribers. According to official sources, Windows 8.1 is currently being updated to include new features, such as addition of services, Bing search and camera updates in addition to several bug fixes based on the feedback gathered from those users that have tested the Preview and RTM versions.

According to reports coming in, Windows 8.1 includes a new feature named Photo Loop which is built into the Camera app and is similar to the photo rewind feature in Blackberry 10. However, it requires new camera hardware and the upcoming Surface 2 and forthcoming devices will ship with the capability to support this feature.

While Bing search will be updated to include additional hotels and restaurants search categories, Bing finance provides an ability for users to connect to a portfolio directly and make trades within the app. Moreover, Bing food and drink will feature instructional videos and a travel app will have user generated photos. On the other hand, Bing sports will include real-time live events with wide coverage of more than 20 international leagues.

The updates mentioned above will be available beginning October 18. However, Industry analysts are of the opinion that these updates will be available from October 16 or 17 onwards depending upon geographical regions.

Retail outlets will start selling Windows 8.1 with the above features from October 18.v