Windows 8.1 Update Coming On April 8th With Important Improvements As A Free Update

Windows 8.1 update targets to win over mouse-and-keyboard users; arrives on April 8th as an automatic download.

On the first day of the Build conference, Microsoft finally took the wraps off of its upcoming Windows 8.1 Update, a major review that will add a range of new features to Microsoft’s desktop operating system. One of the most focused features of this update is improvements to the Windows 8.1 experience on desktop computers and laptops.
UI, mouse and keyboard refinements
The start menu will be restored to Windows, but not with this update. The Start menu will come later in a future update of Windows 8.1. Another feature is the mouse and keyboard refinements, such as if you move the mouse to the top of the screen, you will be able to view the Close and the Minimized buttons; whereas, if you go for the right-click on a tile, a contextual menu will pop up, offering you a set of actions like resizing tiles, unpinning from the Start, and pinning to the taskbar.

The Windows 8.1 Update also brings improvements to its key controls. With this feature, the user can locate the Power and Search buttons in the upper-right hand corner on the Start screen, making it easier to shut down the device.

Moreover, the update can now automatically boot to the desktop instead of the home screen. No more grid of colorful tiles when you first boot the machine. And now, the users can also land Windows Store apps directly in the Desktop taskbar. The taskbar will also now display every running Windows Store app.
"On the Start screen, if you right-click on an app tile, you will get a context menu next to the app tile that shows you what you can do with the tile, like unpin from Start, pin to the taskbar, change the tile size or even uninstall the app. Right-clicking on an app tile on the Start screen works just like right-clicking on something on the desktop."

Microsoft has also restored the close and minimize buttons to the apps in the Windows 8.1 Update. Apart from this, the 8.1 Update has also added the intellectual media controls for music players and are minimized in the taskbar. In addition to this, the power and search buttons have been made stationary on the Start screen, so that the mouse and keyboard users don’t have to dig for them.

Searching new apps made easy
Once you have installed the update, by default, the Windows Store will get pinned to the taskbar. This will help you in discovering new apps easily. You can also can unpin it at your will. 
To be able to view the recently installed apps, all you need to do is "notice a message at the lower-left corner of the Start screen that points you to the Apps view so you can see what you recently just installed."

The Windows 8.1 Update will be released on April 8th as a free update for Windows 8.1 users.