Windows 8.1 updated with Cortona, a personal digital assistant

Microsoft has always been in a leader with their updates and additions of new features in the operating system. Recently Windows 8.1 is updated with Cortona, a digital personal assistant that can make calls, set alarms, take notes, set reminders, view calendars, check the weather and more.

This feature developed by Microsoft is first installed in Nokia Lumia 1520. With this new feature a user can use their favorite picture on a start screen background like puzzle pieces fits together.

Other features are:
  • Shape writing which helps in quick writing
  • WiFi Sense that helps mobile data to connect with the crown sourced open Wi Fi networks
  • Bundled Skype
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Better notification system

This new update also introduces "Quiet Hours" which will transfer all the calls to voicemail and put the notifications on silent.