Windows App Studio Gets December Update

Microsoft has recently launched a new update for Windows App Studio. The new update comes with some new features, improvements and new templates.
Microsoft on its official blog states,
“It’s the end of the year and the holiday season in many parts of the world, so we have one more release this year to celebrate all the App Studio enhancements in 2015, such as the launch of Windows 10 and the November Update. Today’s Windows App Studio Beta update brings some exciting new features that we can’t wait for you to use. There are a couple of big new features, some significant design related improvements, and fun and useful new templates.”
The new features in this particular update focuses on helping to empower small business, professionals and organizations, in order to connect with their customers and creating amazing apps for Windows. 
  • WordPress Data Source- In this update new WordPress data source is introduced, which allows you to connect your app to the WordPress blog. This pulls in content and displays it on your app, hence allowing you to free your blog from the web and get 110+ million Windows 10 users by publishing it on to the Store. 

  • Related Content – You can now show related content, such as speaker information, or comments from blogs on Windows App Studio Beta. This feature now opens up new use cases, which will allow the users to show off new templates in the near future.

  • Microsoft Advertising – With the help of the Microsoft Ad control, you can now place advertising in your app, and make money from people using it.
With the new update, Windows App Studio, brings in new experience, and building features that would customized the look and feel of your app. These features will now allow you set the look and feel that you desired in your app, taking advantage of media- rich design.
  • New Carousel Control – The Carousel allows you to display numerous hero images in a single section that seems like a slideshow.

  • Improved Section Design Features – The new features would help in making your app look amazing. You can now change the background as well as adjust the hero image of each section individually. You can also choose each section which appears as default or home section on your app.
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Microsoft states,
“What’s the best way to get started with these features? With the new templates we’re releasing! These templates show off the new features and make it easy for you to become familiar with and use them.”
  • WordPress Template – It helps in showcasing the new WordPress data source, and is an excellent way to break out of the web, and bring WordPress blog to Windows platform and Store.

  • Events – This template uses the new Related Content feature, which would help you to build an informative app for the event’s attendees.

  • My Shop – The template nicely adapts to portfolio situation for artists, photographers, designers and for all the people who creates and sells contents.
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Microsoft concluded by wishing its users a great year and a wonderful new year. They stated,
“Have a great rest of 2015 and we look forward to an exciting 2016.”

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