Windows on Apple Macs or Mac OS on PCs?

Will we be able to load Windows on Macs now?? What about loading Mac OS on a PC?

   Apple has just released their brand new Macs in January -- a full six months ahead of schedule! We've never heard of an IT company that delivers such a large scale turnabout in architectures and OS so far ahead of schedule, but who cares? The entire launch seems to be overshadowed by new possibilities!

   Ever since Apple made its announcement last year about the changeover to Intel’s x86 platform, leaving its long-time partners IBM and Motorola, talks of interchanging operating systems between PCs and Macs have dominated the grapevine.

   What’s even cooler is that it can imagine having Mac OS and Windows XP/Vista in a dual-boot scenario.

   Neither Apple nor Microsoft seems to care about any of these ideas, and Apples has specifically stated it will not take any measures to stop those desiring to run Windows on Apple hardware. Microsoft, on the other hand, was actually happy; saying any new computers hitting the market that can potentially run Windows is good news.

   What we're more interested in, however, is how fast small time computer vendors will start carrying ("special") Mac OS CDs/DVDs to install for customers who want to "try" Mac OS! Since PCs are traditionally cheaper than Apple’s computers, it might the beast that is piracy.

   Another interesting side to the release of the Intel based Macs is the fact that they are priced identically to their former IBM/Motorola based predecessors. One would think that with the scale at which Intel operates, their chips should be a lot cheaper. Perhaps Apple doesn't want to lose its perception of a premium product or is thinking that existing Mac users would not be too happy if prices fall drastically. One thing’s for sure: if you were thinking Macs would become more affordable, forget it '-- at least for now.