Windows Phone 8 Supports

Windows Phone 8 is expected to release sometime next month but companies including Samsung, HTC and have already started showcasing Windows Phone 8 loaded smartphones and Tablets. Last week, Samsung announced Samsung Ativ S with Windows Phone 8. Recently, HTC Accord images were leaked on Twitter that show Windows Phone 8 screens. Another phone that will have Windows Phone 8 is Nokia Lumia 920

Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s new mobile operating system that provides compatibility with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. Check out what is new in Windows Phone 8 here >>

One of the expected features of Windows Phone 8 is mail synch with and in a report published on the Verge shows that is supported on Windows Phone 8. Similar to Windows 8, during the Windows Phone 8 startup wizards, the wizard asks you to provide or setup a Hotmail or email that is used as your account.

Earlier in July, Microsoft announced and later migrated its Hotmail accounts to its newly rebranded and redesigned email Learn more about here >>


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