Windows Phone App Studio Beta with MVVM Coding Structure, New Templates and Improvements

Microsoft recently released an update to the web based Windows Phone App Studio with MVVM based coding structure, new templates and emulator. The release also provides support for full screen image rotation and integration of sections and data sources.

Windows Phone App Studio Beta has been recently revamped with a touch enabled user interface and updated coding structure based on the Model View View Model (MVVM) design pattern.

The studio includes new templates to showcase company and product information in addition to an emulator which is completely rebuilt to incorporate dynamic text updates, which enable you to view the modifications on the fly.

The latest update also enables developers to convert images from JPEG to PNG formats besides support for full screen image rotation and integration of sections and data sources. The studio has a capability to generate a full Microsoft Visual Studio project that enables you to build apps for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1. However, this feature is currently available in preview mode and more changes are likely to be made in the future releases of the studio.

To build apps with Windows Phone App Studio Beta, you need to start a new project by logging in to the studio. You can easily add content to the various sections which will be displayed based on the selected template.


The studio enables you to preview the content as it appears on the Windows Phone device. By default, apps are styled with a custom theme. However, you can change to dark and light style themes from within the interface.

"Nearly 350,000 users have registered ever since the release of first beta version in August 2013 resulting in 300,000 projects and 20,000 published apps," says Emilio Salvador Prieto of Microsoft in a recent blog post.