Windows Store Analytics API Launched

Dev Center launched Windows Store analytics API, which provides analytics information for your Windows Store apps without you logging into Dev Center. By using a REST API you will be able to retrieve the same information which you will see in Dev Center for app and in-app purchase acquisitions, ratings and reviews, as well as app health.
Microsoft states,
“This new API provides quick access to reports without the time required to log into Dev Center, chose specific reports, and then download them. This can be especially useful if you would like to provide quick app information to marketing or finance, or run advanced analysis of data using your own tools (Excel, Power BI, etc.).”
Most data can be pulled at daily, weekly, or monthly levels, allowing you to configure the API in order to retrieve the data range and information which you are interested in.
The Windows Store analytics API requires an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account which is associated with your Dev Center account.
Microsoft states,
“If you do not currently have an Azure AD connected to your Dev Center account, please refer to the Using Multi-user and roles blog or MSDN documentation on how to set one up. You will set up the app or service from which you want to call the Windows Store analytics API as an Azure AD application. After you obtain an access token from Azure AD, you can then call the Windows Store analytics API from your app or service.”
For more information check the official Microsoft blog.