Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 Is Now Available

Microsoft released the first update of Windows Terminal Preview. Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 brings several new features and enhancements.
Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 features a new option "Open in Windows Terminal". Users can now right-click on a folder in File Explorer and select this option. This option launches a Windows Terminal with your default profile in the directory you had selected from File Explorer.
 Source: Microsoft
Also, a new setting enables you to set Windows Terminal to launch when starting up your machine. Users can set startOnUserLogin to true in the global settings to enable this functionality.
With the release of version 1.1, Windows Terminal Preview now supports font weights as a new profile setting. The fontWeight setting accepts a variety of strings describing font weights along with the corresponding numeric representation of a font weight.
You can now open a profile from the dropdown menu as a pane in the current window, you will need to click on it while holding Alt.
Tab updates include Color picker, Renaming, and Compact sizing.
The new release also features some new command line arguments. --maximized, -M, launches the Windows Terminal as maximized and --fullscreen, -F, launches Windows Terminal as full screen. And the last one --title enables you to customize the title of the tab before launching Windows Terminal.
For more information, you can visit the official announcement.