Winter Olympics Cyber Attack Belonged To Russia

Recently, Russian military spies have hacked several computers used by the authorities in 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Recently, the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics, held in South Korea, was all over in news for wrong reasons. Some cyber spies had hacked several computers used by the authorities in the grand opening. The hacking was performed in such a way that it looked like it was instructed by North Korea but now, the U.S. Officials have concluded that the attack was made by some Russian group of hackers, under a false-flag operation.
Source: The Washington Post
This information is today revealed by The Washington Post. The blog states,  
“Officials in PyeongChang acknowledged that the Games were hit by a cyberattack during the Feb. 9 Opening Ceremonies but had refused to confirm whether Russia was responsible. That evening, there were disruptions to the Internet, broadcast systems, and the Olympics website. Many attendees were unable to print their tickets for the ceremony, resulting in empty seats.”
The reason behind this hack, however, is unclear but some analysts say that the cyber attack was retaliation against the International Olympics Committee as the Russian team was banned from the winter games due to doping violations.
 According to some Western Intelligence agencies, Russians also had hacked some routers in South Korea and deployed some malware on the day the Olympics began. The information security experts on the issue said that it’s not clear that the disruptions in the opening ceremonies were due to the result of these malware or not. On the other hand, some U.S. officials expect that Russians may try to disrupt the closing ceremony too. So, they are keeping a close eye.
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