Word Flow Keyboard for iOS Updated With Built-In Search

Microsoft released the version 2.0 of its swipe-friendly Word Flow, the third-party keyboard for iOS. Now the app is a better match for the Gboard iOS keyboard, which Google has recently released, just a few months back.
Image Source: itunes.apple.com
The new version of Word Flow allows you to swipe from left to right on the keyboard, in order to bring a bunch of new options. You will also be able to search for animated GIF's, images, your contacts and the Web through Bing.
However, the actual keyboard has also been enhanced. You will be able to notice the improvement in the ability to hold down your finger, prompting the 3D Touch feature, which has been introduced in iOS 9 and then move your finger from left to right, so as to change the location of the cursor or move it up and down, so as to access fast-forward or rewind options, allowing the cursor to quickly move backward or forward. It is however possible to move the cursor left or right quickly with the help of the 3D Touch in Apple’s standard issue iOS keyboard. However, here, there is no availability of rewind and fast-forward.
The space bar is now more accurate and you will also get to see the suggestions about emojis, which you can add when you are typing a message. For example, when you type “thumbs up”, you will be able to see the emoji as a part of the recommendation above the keys.
With the new update, you will also find a new background theme to choose from. You will also be able to add your own custom theme, if you want, just like Google’s Gboard.