WordPress Goes Open Source With The New Update

WordPress.com, the complete hosted version of WordPress, has just been launched with the biggest ever update.
WordPress states,
“Calypso, the codename for this project, started differently. To present a clear vision, we built an aspirational HTML/CSS design prototype — based on clearly defined product goals — that allowed us to imagine what a new WordPress.com could look like when complete. We knew it would change over time as we launched parts to our users, but the vision provided all of Automattic with something to aim for and get excited about.”
The WordPress.com has now been separated from the WordPress core. WordPress now is admin interface, which interacts with the WordPress core, and it is quite similar to the third –party interface and app. This also uses REST API in order to fetch the posts, publish new ones, upload pictures, and other such features.
The WordPress team added a completely new feature, instead of using PHP and MySQL, the developers build everything using API calls and JavaScript. This means that when you log on to the website, the server will distribute a working WordPress client, which mostly runs on your browser.
Image Source: developer.wordpress.com
This is a single page application, which means that you will have fewer loading screens, when it interacts with the interface. This will run smoothly on your phone as well as your tablets. You can now go directly to your backend, and if you are using the WordPress.com blog, then you will have another option, as such as a self-hosted WordPress with Jetpack plugin or WordPress VIP site.
Finally, WordPress is open source and available on GitHub.
The company states,
“We’re proud to be able to open source all of the hard work we’ve put in, and to continue to build on the product in an open way.”