Xamarin Becomes Dual Screen

Preview of the SDK for Surface Duo enables you to enlighten existing apps and devise new innovative experiences.

Recently, Microsoft announced its public preview of the SDK for Surface Duo. New SDK will enable you to enlighten existing apps and create innovative experiences that inspire creativity.
Depending on your current app screens and features, you can consider the below-given user experience patterns that might be best suited. By default, apps run on the left or top screen depending on the orientation of the device. You could adopt one of these recommended patterns:
  • Extended Canvas
  • Master-Detail
  • Two Page
  • Dual View
  • Companion View
Source: Microsoft 
Well, the SDK for Surface Duo will allow you to avoid misaligning things behind the hinge.
You can download the SDK for Surface Duo and Android emulator today, and then hop over to Xamarin samples on GitHub. The company has provided the most useful APIs to use from the ScreenHelper class which will return a Boolean indicating if the device is a Duo.
  1. protected override void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)  
  2. {  
  3.     base.OnCreate(savedInstanceState);  
  4.     SetContentView(Resource.Layout.activity_main);  
  5.     screenHelper = new ScreenHelper();  
  6.     isDuo = screenHelper.Initialize(this);  
  7. }  
Source: Microsoft
Microsoft said that Surface Duo is the first in this whole new class of devices and app experiences. And when Surface Neo is available running Windows 10X, the company will share continued support for that experience with first-class support in Xamarin.Forms.
Moreover, all the work done to support dual-screen experiences for the Surface Duo is 100% cross-platform and requires no changes to Xamarin.Forms itself.