Xamarin Forms 4.2.0 Available Now

Xamarin.Forms 4.2.0 is available now with Shell improvements and CollectionView Updates.

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of Xamarin.Forms 4.2.0 in stable. 4.2 brings improvements to Shell, community enhancements, several performance enhancements, and a bunch of bug fixes.
The new release comes with new APIs to give you more control over the lifecycle of the pages in your app. For example, some brand new events implemented on the BaseShellItem for Appearing and Disappearing along with new methods for OnAppearing and OnDisappearing.
Source: microsoft 
The company said that this release is packed full of community contributions such as Switch ThumbColor (PR by @andreinitescu), Color.ToHex() (PR by @DavidRoqueni) and FontImage Markup Extension for FontImageSource (PR by @ahoefling).
CollectionView is kept under the Experimental flag in this release. A lot of work has been finished on feedback including header/footer templates. And, RefreshView, which is the basis for pull-to-refresh functionality, is in progress and is one of the current top priorities alongside CarouselView.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.