Download Free Xamarin.Forms Book By Charles Petzold

In the official Xamarin blog, it has been announced that Charles Petzold, an American programmer and technical author, has written a book "Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms" with 28 chapters, which is now available as free download. This book would help you kick start with building mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.
In the official blog, Charles Petzold, states,
“Other programmers—particularly those who have experience with similar frameworks—might prefer to accelerate the learning process. Generally, these folks can get much of what they need from API documentation and sample code; they don’t need massive books.”
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Charles Petzold informs its readers that this book has been particularly written keeping in mind the future of the Xamarin.Forms developers, and in this book, he has provided with summaries (or abstract) of sorts for each chapter. Each summary goes on to describe the corresponding chapter and also contains links to the documentation for each APIs which has been described in the chapter, links to the sample code from that particular chapter, links to related Xamarin.Forms guides, as well as link to the entire chapter.
The summaries would allow its readers to learn Xamarin.Forms in a structured, step by step manner along with minimal amount of reading. By reading the summaries, you will be able to check if a particular chapter has information which you might need, before you consult the entire chapter for more detailed information.
The links to the entire summaries can be found here.