Xbox One To Support Windows 10 Apps

Microsoft at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco has announced that Xbox One will be able to run Universal Windows app, starting this summer.
The Xbox Store and the Windows Store for apps will be merged into one.
This is particularly huge for developers who want to build cross-platform apps and games for the company’s desktop and mobile OS along with a gaming console. This move should help in extending the lifespan of the console and also give players reason to use it for more than just gaming.
Microsoft has been really keen on unifying its cross-device OS with its gaming platform for quite some time now. It was just last year when the company added features to Xbox One in order to allow users to stream games to their Windows 10 PCs, chat with gamer buddies, and also explore the Xbox Live community.
It seem likely that Microsoft will be sharing more details of its UWP plans for Xbox One at the Build developer conference which will take place in San Francisco on March 30.

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