YouTube Kids App With Parental Control

In February, Google releases their YouTube App, especially for kids. It has been seven months since YouTube for kids has been launched and it has gained huge popularity.
Google stated that, “When we announced the app, we said YouTube Kids was our first step in reimagining YouTube for families.” According to Google, “Families have downloaded YouTube Kids more than 8 million times, consistently ranked YouTube Kids in the top 5 kids apps in the App Store, given an overall 4+ rating on Google Play and watched Stampy Cat explore the world of Minecraft more than 54 million times.”
The new YouTube update comes with all new parental control. Parents can now turn search on or off. This would restrict your child’s experience, in simpler words, you can control, what your child is watching.
Parents can now customize passcode.
Google states that “We’ve also heard some parents prefer a personal passcode, rather than a spelled-out code, so we’ve added this option to access parental controls.”
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After updating the app, when you start it, YouTube will provide you with complete instructions on how to change the setting, how to flag videos, and will also recommend content for you and your child.
You can now enjoy your favorite videos as a family, by using Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV or game consoles. New videos are produced daily and uploaded on YouTube Kids.
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Google also states,
'We always try to make the videos available in the app family-friendly, but no system is perfect. So if you ever find a video you’re concerned about, please flag it. This helps make YouTube Kids better for everyone." 

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