Zocalo a fully managed document sharing service

Amazon Web Services has recently introduced a new document sharing service, Zocalo, which is a fully managed document sharing service that will take care of the storage, authentication, security and other aspects.
With this new offering to the market, AWS continues to share a vigorous share in the growing market of computing services.

Image Source: Amazon
A Zocalo application user can upload a document and can specify who else can use it. The selected users can then access the shared document and the admin person that uploaded the document will get a notification. It can be used to open Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents as PDFs. The person using this application can choose the folder from the computer which is to be copied; the files in those folders can now be open in a variety of devices like PCs and tablets.
Werner Vogels, Amazon chief technology officer, said, "We will not move the content out of the region you store it in,” This service costs $5 per user per month and provides up to 200GB to store documents though a free trial is available.


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