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  • How to convert a simple DLINQ Query to a data set objectSep 01, 2008. In this article I will represent a trick of how to convert a given DLINQ query to a data set object in order to make use of it as a data source for several controls such as grid view, data grid view and so forth.
  • Use CompiledQuery.Compile method to build parameterized DLINQ queriesAug 29, 2008. In this article, I will make use of the CompiledQuery.Compile generated method which receives a Lambda expression as parameter, and then it generates a delegate that returns a generic IQueryable object that one can enumerate it through a foreach loop.
  • Building applications with DLinq DesignerJul 01, 2006. DLinq designer is the visual design surface to create the entity objects and bound the controls to the dlinq objects with relationships. We can easily create the windows form using the designer. The developer need not take more time to design the User Interface. The designer itself suggests you the controls suitable for the selected fields.
  • Building and consuming parameterized queries from ADO.Net to DLINQAug 29, 2008. In this article, I will represent different techniques to build and make use of parameterized queries. The first way is the classical one, and I mean by that the ADO.Net technique. Then I’ll expose the second one using the new technology, namely DLINQ.
  • Database Provider-based ASP.NET Membership ProviderOct 18, 2006. This article is intended to explore the provider pattern in the context of a membership provider.
  • .NET Language Integrated Query for XMLJul 17, 2006. This is the overview of .NET Integrated Language Query for XML. This Article explains some of the features of XLINQ with example.
  • Using LINQ in Visual Studio 2005Jul 03, 2006. LINQ (.Net Language Integrated Query) is the general-purpose standard query operators that allow traversal, filter and projection operations to be expressed in a direct yet declarative way in any .Net programming language.

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