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  • Regions and Clipping in GDI+Jan 20, 2010. In this article I will explain about the Regions and Clipping in GDI+.
  • The Complement, Exclude, and Union Methods in GDI+Jan 17, 2010. In this article I will explain about the the Complement, Exclude, and Union Methods in GDI+.
  • The Region Class in GDI+Jan 14, 2010. In this article I will explain about the Region Class in GDI+.
  • Drawing Graphics Paths in GDI+Nov 27, 2009. In this Article I will explain how to Draw Graphics Paths in GDI+.
  • Working with Drawing ClassOct 27, 2005. This article gives an overview to work with drawing and printing class. It explains how to use various methods in the drawing and printing class.
  • The Graphics Class and TransformationsApr 01, 2004. The Graphics class defined the transformation related functionality. This article discussed the Graphics class and its members that participate in transformation process.
  • A Simple Virtual Voltmeter Using GDI+ and the GP-3 BoardDec 07, 2003. This is a less complex, nevertheless interesting example of how to use the same board to create a simple voltmeter.
  • Spiro DesignerSep 16, 2002. Spiro designer is a partial implementation of Spirograph. Spiro Designer uses the Matrix and GraphicsPath classes with their Transform and Rotate methods to build a spiro.
  • Graphics using GDI+Feb 05, 2002. This sample project shows how to draw various graphics objects on a Form using GDI+ objects.
  • Interactive Shaped FormsNov 29, 2001. This Demo show how to create shaped form and customized buttons using Region, GraphicsPath and picture control and using picture control to play animate pictures.
  • CartWheel Man - Animating GraphicPathsNov 27, 2001. This simple application illustrates how GraphicsPaths can be animated to look like something is moving across the screen.
  • ShapedForms in C#Jul 13, 2001. Today Windows always appear with a rectangular shape. What if you could have a window that was shaped like a circle, a square or a triangle or any shape you want.
  • Rotation SampleApr 24, 2001. After reading Mike Golds article on transforms I thought I would get things moving a bit!
  • Using Transforms with GDI+ in C#Mar 15, 2001. Transforms are matrices that allow you to rotate and translate your graphics shapes. In this example we are going to rotate a very powerful element in C# called the GraphicsPath.

About GraphicsPath

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