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  • StreamReader and StreamWriter Classes in C#Jul 18, 2014. This article helps you to understand the StreamReader and StreamWriter classes in C#.
  • StreamReader and StreamWriter Classes in C# Dec 11, 2009. In this article I will explain you about StreamReader and StreamWriter Classes in C#.
  • Export Data Into Excel in a Pre-defined Template Using StreamWriterFeb 11, 2013. In this article, I will explain to export data into excel in a pre-defined excel template using StreamWriter object.
  • Input/Output Classes in C#Mar 12, 2015. This article explains the input/output classes available in C#.
  • Understanding Isolated Storage in SilverlightFeb 05, 2011. In the previous article we learned the fundamentals of Isolated Storage and how to write to files in isolated storage using the same classes you use for ordinary file access in a .NET application, such as StreamWriter and BinaryWriter.
  • Write to a text file in C#Jul 30, 2010. This code sample shows how to write to a text file in C#.
  • Try-Catch-Finally in C#Dec 31, 2009. In this article I will explain you about Try-Catch-Finally in C#.
  • File handling in C#Jul 15, 2009. In this article I have explained about file handing in C#.
  • Handling the Queuing of Messages in a Multithreaded ProgramSep 06, 2004. In the financial world you have to deal with messages being spewed at you in large quantities at a rapid rate. For example stock quotes, market data, and orders come flying at you through some sort of wire and you as a programmer have to handle them in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you or the machine.
  • Recording Sheet Music Using C# and .NETFeb 07, 2003. This is a article that allow you to record and replay the music you performed on the piano.
  • Filling out your 1040EZ Tax Form in .NETJan 21, 2003. Since the 1040EZ form is only a single page, I thought it would be fun to create a Window Form application that helped into the form. This program will allow you to fill out most of the fields and perform the calculations on certain fields as well.
  • TextReader and TextWriter in C#Oct 16, 2001. This article covers the information of how to read or write (Unicode) character based data through TextReader and TextWriter.
  • Uploading and Downloading Web FilesOct 05, 2001. This program is for beginner, shows how to use web client class to Download and upload file from the Internet and how to save them to disk. Download or upload file can be done using Method DownLoad Or UpLoad.
  • Text Reader and Text Writer in C#Aug 03, 2001. A detailed tutorial and C# types such as Value and Reference types with sample examples.
  • Graphics Animator in C#May 26, 2001. This program will generate a html page with animated gif. You just need at least 2 gifs and use the program to set the time to display each image.
  • Creating a Windows Service in C#Jan 23, 2001. Windows Services is a new name for NT Services in .NET. This tutorial steps you through creating a Windows Service and how to install and start it.
  • FileStream : Read or Write Data StreamsDec 13, 2000. FileStream class can be used to read/write data to a file with the help of StreamReader and StreamWriter classes.
  • Meal Scheduler in C#May 04, 2000. In this application once you enter your meal timings. A message box will appear on the screen while you are working and remember you about your meal with light sound.

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