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  • New Parameter, Transpose, Reverse Rows And Extract In Power BIJan 20, 2018. In this article, you will learn about the New Parameter – What If in Power BI. You will also learn about the Transpose, Reverse Rows and Extract in Power BI.
  • Getting Started With Voice Of The CustomerAug 29, 2017. In any industry customer satisfaction plays a very important role. It provides a real picture about our happy and unhappy customers which helps us to manage and plan our business effectively. We can get a customer satisfaction matrix using different methods and one of them is to use customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Getting Started With SSRS 2016 - Part FiveMar 06, 2017. In this article, we will discuss how we can create a Shared Data Sources in SQL Server Reporting Services 2016. We have already discussed how to create a Matrix report , using Report wizard, how to deploy SSRS Report into a Reporting Server and how to run a Report Application in my previous articles.
  • Getting Started With SSRS 2016 - Part FourMar 01, 2017. In this article, we will discuss how we can create a Matrix report, using Report wizard in SQL Server Reporting Services 2016.
  • SSRS - Interactive Sorting On Matrix Column GroupMay 30, 2016. This article explains the tricks to implement Interactive Sorting on Matrix Column Group in SSRS.
  • Create a Spiral Matrix by Taking Number of Rows and Columns as InputAug 10, 2015. In this article you will learn how to create a Spiral Matrix by taking the number of rows and columns as input from the user using C#.
  • Transpose Row Values To Column In ExcelJul 07, 2015. In this article, we will see how we can transpose or change row values to column in EXCEL.
  • CSS3 Series Part 6: 2D Transformation With CSS3Apr 14, 2015. This article explains a different kind off transformation technique that can move, scale, and rotate elements in a webpage.
  • Write and Read Data in Spreadsheet by User Specified Range in Office AppJun 30, 2014. This article explains how to write and read data in an Excel spreadsheet by a user specifying a range using a matrix and table type binding.
  • Measure Code Matrices in Visual StudioApr 21, 2014. This article is all about performance improvement and measured code complexity and best practices.
  • Chart Representation of Data in ASP.Net Web Pages 2Jan 21, 2014. This article will explain how to show data in a graphical format using the Chart Helper in Microsoft WebMatrix in ASP.NET Web Pages 2.
  • Two Dimensional Array in TypeScriptNov 26, 2012. In this article I will explain what a 2-Dimensional array is and how to use them in TypeScript with an example.
  • Transpose Matrix in TypeScriptNov 19, 2012. In this article I will explain transpose matrix in TypeScript with an example.
  • Image Editing Tool in VB.Net: Part 4Nov 09, 2012. This Article describe that how to set the brightness of an image through Color matrix Class.
  • Canvas Reset Transform Using HTML 5Mar 17, 2012. In this article we are going to understand the concept of canvas reset transformations using HTML 5. In this section, to reset the HTML5 Canvas transformation matrix, we can use the setTransform() method to set the transformation matrix.
  • Canvas Shear Transform Using HTML 5Mar 13, 2012. In this article we are going to understand the concept of Canvas Shear Transform Using HTML 5. In this section to shear the HTML5 canvas, we can use the transform() method with the transformation matrix.
  • Matrix Multiplication in JavaJul 20, 2011. This program is a good demonstration of 2 dimensional arrays in Java. Here, you'll learn how to implement matrix multiplication in Java.
  • How to Generate Fields of Matrices Dynamically Windows Form C#Feb 06, 2011. When we have to work with arrays and matrices or any multidimensional array, the first thing what we need to do is take control of rows (columns).
  • Dealing with transformations in WPF: PartII-Custom and advanced 2D transformationsMay 10, 2010. In a previous article we've discovered the different transformation modes. In this article, we continue discovering the transformations.
  • Color Transformation and the Color Matrix in GDI+Apr 23, 2010. In this article I will explain about Color Transformation and the Color Matrix in GDI+.
  • Euler Rotation and 3D GraphicsJan 09, 2008. This article tells you how to use matrix multiplication to rotate 3D points around an axis.
  • Convert Image to BinaryFeb 16, 2007. In this tutorial you'll learn how to convert an image to a matrix of zeros and ones, aswell as how to open an image in a picture box.
  • Significance of Transformation OrderApr 27, 2004. When applying a composite transformation on graphics objects, the order of transformations plays a vital role. This article shows you various aspects of the transformation order and the results.
  • Text Transformation using GDI+ and C#Apr 27, 2004. This article shows you how to use GDI+ classes defined in the .NET Framework class library to apply transformations on text.
  • Image Transformation in C# with GDI+ Apr 14, 2004. Image transformation is exactly the same as any other transformation process. In this section we will see how to rotate, scale, translate, reflect, and shear images.
  • Color Transformations and the Color MatrixApr 10, 2004. This article discusses the color transformations and how to apply Color Matrix on image colors to provide various effects such as gray scale effects, reduce or increase the contrast, brightness, or redness of an image.
  • The Graphics Class and TransformationsApr 01, 2004. The Graphics class defined the transformation related functionality. This article discussed the Graphics class and its members that participate in transformation process.
  • The Matrix Class and TransformationsApr 01, 2004. Matrices play a vital role in the transformation process. In GDI+, the Matrix class represents a 3×2 matrix that contains x, y, and w values in the first, second, and third columns, respectively.
  • Introduction to GDI+ Transformations Apr 01, 2004. A transformation is a process that changes graphics objects from one state to another. Rotation, scaling, reflection, translation, and shearing are some examples of transformation. Transformations can be applied not only to graphics shapes, curves, and images, but even to image colors.
  • Virtual Voltmeter using GDI+ and GP-3 BoardDec 09, 2003. This is a less complex, nevertheless interesting example of how to use the same board to create a simple voltmeter.
  • Creating Word Find Pzzules in C# and GDI+Sep 30, 2003. Perusing the newsstands in New York you'll find newspapers, TV-Guides, magazines, and even books. In the magazine section you'll often find crosswords and books containing the puzzles you'll see in figure 1. The books contain pages and pages of puzzles with hidden words contained in the matrix of letters in which you can spend time going blind trying to find.
  • A Virtual Clock in C# and GDI+Jul 01, 2003. This article describes how to create a virtual clock in C#. The hands of the clock are drawn using GraphicPaths.
  • Spiro DesignerSep 16, 2002. Spiro designer is a partial implementation of Spirograph. Spiro Designer uses the Matrix and GraphicsPath classes with their Transform and Rotate methods to build a spiro.
  • An XY Plot User Control in GDI+May 24, 2002. This is a follow up of the article written originally for the beta version of .NET. called, A Graphics Component in C#.
  • Rotating a 3D Cube and Sphere with GDI+Feb 08, 2002. This program rotates a 3d cube and a sphere with GDI+.
  • Playing with 3-D Coordinate Space in C#, GDI+ and .NETJan 10, 2002. This article show to dealing with a 3-D Coordinate System.
  • Visual MatrixAug 17, 2001. User can easily add ,sub any limit of matrices. Edit boxes are created dynamically.
  • ShapedForms in C#Jul 13, 2001. Today Windows always appear with a rectangular shape. What if you could have a window that was shaped like a circle, a square or a triangle or any shape you want.
  • Rotation SampleApr 24, 2001. After reading Mike Golds article on transforms I thought I would get things moving a bit!
  • Using Transforms with GDI+ in C#Mar 15, 2001. Transforms are matrices that allow you to rotate and translate your graphics shapes. In this example we are going to rotate a very powerful element in C# called the GraphicsPath.

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