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Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.


  • Get All The Users In An O365 Organization Using Graph API

    In this article, I would like to explain and share the NodeJS code to get all the users from O365 using Graph API and will also discuss how to validate the raph api users results again the o365 admin
  • How To Upgrade AADConnect Agent From Old Version To New Version InPlace Upgrade

    AADConnect Server plays important role in the Office 365 Hybrid setup. Hence that AADConnect upgrade should be taken care very seriously if it is also being used for Password Sync.
  • Office 365 - SharePoint Online Default Admin Experience Setting

    In this article I'll discuss new setting available for new SharePoint admin center to open default "SharePoint admin center" either in classic "SharePoint admin center" or new
  • How To Connect Office 365 Exchange Online Services To PowerShell

    In this post, I explained how to connect the Office 365 Exchange Online Services to PowerShell. Here, I also discussed how we connect the Exchange Online, Skype for Business Online, and Security &
  • How To Track Or Trace A Message In Office 365 Exchange Online

    In this article, we will learn how to track or trace a message in Office 365 Exchange Online using PowerShell. To learn the process of tracking or tracing the message in Office 365 Exchange Online, we
  • MS Flow - Get Data From 3rd Party Application Using Client ID And Client Secret In REST API

    In this post, I am using REST API to get the feed from 3rd party application using client ID and client secret.
  • Getting Started With Microsoft Stream

    This is a video recording of our webinar on Microsoft Stream. Here, you will learn how to get started with Microsoft Stream and build robust applications.
  • Convert File Into ListItem And ListItem Into File Using Microsoft Graph

    In the modern technology world, Microsoft Graph API comes with a name of Unified API development model for accessing all services across the Microsoft Cloud. Hence the Microsoft Graph also comes with
  • Programmatically Accessing The Office 365 User Licenses Using Microsoft Graph

    Microsoft Graph opens the extensive approach for developers to connect various services across Microsoft Cloud. A Single endpoint requests the Microsoft Cloud with the various resources enables the po
  • Development On PowerApps For Office 365 - Part Two

    Welcome to the second article on development aspects of PowerApps on Office 365. This article will be a series of complete development on PowerApps. We will see real time scenarios and all the example
  • How To Create, Delete, Edit And Manage Users In Office 365

    Office 365 is Web Based Solution that include Azure AD, Skype, Office, SharePoint, MS Flows, Power BI, Yammer etc. Office 365 delivers services to users using cloud Exchange Services. In an organizati
  • How To Create Or Add Email Signature In Office 365 Exchange Online

    When you are related to individuals through traditional mail, you usually include a signature, because adding an email signature to Office 365 in each email is an opportunity to boost your business. W
  • Setting Up DLP In Office 365 Exchange Online

    Know “what is DPL and how to setup DLP in Office 365 Exchange Online” Mailbox. So read the article for knowing about DLP setup or configuration in o365 Cloud Platform. Data loss prevention or DLP is a
  • How To Provide Read Access To Microsoft Team Documents

    In this article, we will explore how to provide read access to users on Microsoft Team Documents.
  • How To Create A Form Using Microsoft Forms

    In this article, you will see how to create a form in Microsoft Forms.
  • How To Disable Comments On Modern Pages Using CSOM

    In this article, I’ll explain how to disable the comments on the pages of Modern sites using CSOM. This article is basically targeted for beginners who are working on Modern Sites in Office 365.
  • Overview Of Microsoft Search In Office 365

    In this article, I’ll explain about the Microsoft Search feature in Office 365.
  • Upload MS Outlook PST File Into Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox

    Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based application and it also works on Exchange Online environment. In this article, you will know the step by step process for uploading MS Outlook PST into Office 365
  • Some Important Formula For App Development In PowerApp

    In this article, I am going to explain some important and useful formula to develop an app in PowerApp.
  • Why Office 365 Is Better Than Google Apps

    Find out why Office 365 is better than Google Apps and what all factors are making Office 365 to lead over Google Apps. Everything you need to know about MS Office and G Suite is right here.
  • Copy List Item From One Site Collection To Another Through Flow

    In this blog, I have explained how we can copy an item from one site collection to another through Microsoft Flow.
  • Image Rendering Issue In Outlook Through Microsoft Flows (Office 365)

    Recently, while working on a SharePoint Online (Office 365) project, I came across a very interesting task. The task was to send anniversary and birthday emailers to users. This scheduling needs to ha
  • Introduction To Office 365 Webhooks And Connectors

    In this article, I will explain about Webhooks and Connectors and how we can use them in Office 365.
  • Automate Announcements In Microsoft Kaizala With Twitter Posts

    Kaizala is a group messaging app from Microsoft targeting corporates with tight integration with office 365 ecosystem.
  • Development On PowerApps For Office 365 - Part One

    Welcome to an article on development aspects of PowerApps on Office 365. This article will be a series of complete development on PowerApps.