Welcome to Node.js section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Node.js related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.


  • 3 Best Web Frameworks For NodeJS, Part I: ExpressJS

    This article of the series explains the basic parts of ExpressJS and how to create a web application using NodeJS.
  • Introduction to NodeJS, A SSJS: Part III – When [NOT] to Use

    In this article, we are going to discuss when to use NodeJS, in other words how to choose NodeJS as the server-side technology for your application.
  • Introduction to NodeJS, A SSJS: Part I - Components Explained

    This article provides an introduction to NodeJS, a SSJS.
  • Introduction to NodeJS, A SSJS: Part II - EventLoop Explained

    In this part II, we shall discuss the Event Loop architecture in NodeJS.
  • Creating HTTPS Server With NodeJS

    In this specific article however, we will be looking at how to create HTTPS server instead.
  • Node.js in Action: Setup ExpressJS and Run Node Server

    In this article we will cover a very important topic of node.js. We will learn how to install and run Express.js on top of node.js.
  • Node.JS vs Traditional Scripting Languages

    This article provides a comparison between Node.JS and other scripting languages, especially the most popular scripting languages of the current decade. I will provide some valid arguments, examples and facts.
  • Node.js in Action : Create Simple Text File in Node.js Using "fs" Module

    In this example, we will learn to write/create a file using the "fs" module of node.js.
  • Node.js in Action: Understand Request Module

    This article explains the “request” module in node.js with an example.
  • Node.js in Action: Work With Colors Module

    In this article we will work with another interesting module, the color module.
  • Basics of Node.js Based on Annual Conference Session

    This article will talk about Node.js based on a session by Dhananjay Sir, in C# Corner's Annual Conference.
  • Node.js in Action: Understand Modules in Node.js

    This article explains modules in Node.js.
  • Node.js in Action: Read Simple Text File Using fs Module

    This article shows how to work with the “fs” module in node.js.
  • Node.JS in Action: Implement Visitor Counter in Node.js

    In this article we will implement a simple hit counter application with a few lines of code.
  • node.js in Action : Let’s Start With node.js

    This article is an introduction to node.js and describes it in action.
  • NodeJSRunner for Windows

    An application that runs the Node.js server automatically and displays it in a new browser.
  • XALT Media Functionalities

    In this article I’ll be explaining some media and extended level functionalities and some cool stuff with XALT.
  • XALT For Developers

    This article explains some of the basic and useful operations of XALT.
  • Getting Started With NodeJS and Express

    This article is all about how to start working with Node JS and how to design web applications using an express module using the Intellij IDEA for the IDE.
  • Configure Node.js in Intellij IDEA

    Configuring a node in Intellij IDEA is a very easy process, this article will help you to configure a node in the Intellij IDEA.