Windows Services
Welcome to Windows Services section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Windows Services related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.


  • Get all Services on a System using C#

    How to get all services installed on a machine using C#.
  • Processes to attach Windows Service to IDE and get control in onstart Event

    In this article we will see how to integrate IDE by using the .net built-in mutex logic using System.Diagnostics class.
  • Windows Firewall setting for SharePoint Site Access in LAN

    Windows Firewall setting for SharePoint Site Access in LAN
  • Creating Window Service in ASP.NET 1.1

    In this article you will learn how to Create Window Service in ASP.NET 1.1.
  • WS Excel Automation using Windows Service

    This blog is about experiance faced while working with Ms Excel Automation using Windows Service
  • Creating a Windows Service in C#

    This article shows how to create a simple Windows Service using C# and Visual Studio 2005.
  • Find, Minimize, Maximize, Restore the window

    This article explains you how to find, minimize, maximize, restore the window using win API.
  • Windows Services Admin: Control Your Windows Services

    In this article, we will create an application to control Windows services on our local computer as well as on remote computers. You can simultaneously Stop or Start multiple Services on the local computer or on the specified remote computer.
  • Passing parameters to C# Windows Services

    This article explains how to create C# windows service and pass parameters to it.
  • Email notification of FileSystem changes in C#

    This article tells us how to create a windows service to get notifiactions of filesystem changes remotely.
  • Monitoring System Usage using Windows Service

    This article shows how to record system usage using Windows Service in C#.NET
  • Controlling behavior of existing services in system

    This article shows how to access the windows services in your system and change the behavior of the services from your application.
  • Debugging Windows Services in C# and .NET

    The compiled executable file that a service application project creates must be installed on the server before the project can function in a meaningful way. You cannot debug or run a service application by pressing F5 or F11. Here we are going to see how to debug our own windows services.
  • Meal Scheduler in C#

    In this application once you enter your meal timings. A message box will appear on the screen while you are working and remember you about your meal with light sound.
  • Birthday Wish Scheduler in C#

    In this article we are going to see how to build a windows service for fetching record from database and wishing the person whose birthday falls on that particular day.
  • Installing a Service Programmatically

    With the arrival of .NET, creation of a windows service has become a piece of cake by just selecting Windows Service as project type in the New Project Dialog Box.
  • A Scheduled Application Launcher Service in C# and .NET

    This an article is on launching scheduled tasks. Not quite as exciting as launching a spaceship into outer space, but…hey, even astronauts have to automate some of their day to day activities.
  • Building Dynamic Service in C#

    This is a service that will run an application, and can be used over an over without hard coding any information.
  • Forum Alert Service Version 1.0

    The Alert Service is a Windows service that can be deployed in any discussion forums and whenever a thread is posted to the forums, an alert will be issued in the form of a message to the user.