How to find a topic of interest on our sites

Posted by Mahesh Chand Tips on Apr 26, 2007
This tip shows how you can find a section or area of interest articles using our quick feature Jumo to.

If you are looking for a topic or an area of interest related articles, we provide a "Jump To" control, which helps you to move from one category to another by simply rolling over your mouse on it.

The Jump To control sites in the left side of the site on every page accept the home page.

This control has two links - Technology and Website. If you rollover Website, you see all of our Mindcracker Network websites. If you click on Longhorn Corner link, it will take you to the Longhorn Corner site.

If you rollover Technology, you will see Major Technologies and if you rollover on a major technology, you will see further categories. For example, if you are looking for all articles related to Printing in C#, you simply select Visual C# .NET and then Printing section and it will take you to the printing section. See below:

Hope some of you find this feature valuable.


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