Themes in LightSwitch Application 2011

"Theme is a presentation of colors, pictures etc, which is used in the background of any application".
When you run the LightSwitch application then your application opens in a by default blue theme. You can change your LightSwitch application theme. For this purpose you will download the extensions theme for LightSwitch application from the internet.
So in this article you will see how to change the theme of your LightSwitch application.

Step 1 : First of all open Visual Studio LightSwitch->New project->Select LightSwitch application->Write name ->Ok.


Step 2 : Click on create new table.


Step 3 : Create table like as person.


Step 4 : Go to gender properties->Click on choice list->Write value and display name->Ok.


Step 5 : In the same manner go to qualification properties->Click on choice list->Write value and display name.->Ok.

Step 6 : Now we will add a screen. Right click on screens->Add screen.


Step 7 : Select editable grid screen->Select screen data (people)->Ok.


Step 8 : Run the application (Press F5). You will see that your application will open with the default blue theme.


Step 9 : If you want to change the theme your application then you can do that.
For this purpose go to menu bar->Tools->Extension manager.


Step 10 : Click on update->Select LightSwitch metro theme->Download->Install.


Step 11 : Now go to properties of application->Extension->Mark the check box of LightSwitch metro theme like as in the following image.


Step 12 : Go to general properties->Theme->Select LightSwitch metro theme.


Step 13 : Run application (Press F5). Now you will see your application will open in a new theme like as in the following image.



So in this article you saw, how to change the theme of a LightSwitch application. In the same manner you can apply more themes to your LightSwitch application.

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