Opening a Function Library in QTP in Testing

In QuickTest, we can open any function library (if you have read or read-write permission) that is saved in the file system. We can open a function library in read-only mode or in edit mode.


Read-only mode

Read-only mode enables you to view the particular function library but you cannot modify or change it. By default when you open a function library which is presently open in another system, it opens in Read-only mode.


Edit mode

Edit mode enables you to view as well as modify the particular function library. But if a function library is open in currently open in your system then other user open that function library only in Read-only mode.


How to open an existing function library

We can open an existing function library by performing one of the following:

  • Click on the open button down arrow and select Function library; see:


  • Select file > Open > Function library, as in:

An open Function Library dialog box will open. Now select the location of the file from the sidebar. Browse and select the library function you want to open, and click on the open button. The specified function library will open in a new window. Using COM or DCOM objects you can create very advanced functions. In fact, many of the features provided by QTP can be coded using VBScript. We have seen automation engineers who make it more of a VB project rather than an automation project.

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