Preparing Base Image for Deployment

Now we had a .vhd image containing default installation of Windows server 2008 R2. Connect to the virtual machine created and starts it.

  1. After login, it shows the desktop of virtual machine. Now from All Programs -> Administrative Tools, launch Server Manager.
  2. Select the role node and click Add Roles.


  3. In the Server Roles step, select the Web Server (IIS), and click Next.


  4. Now on the Web Server (IIS) step click Next.


  5. On the Role Services step click Next.


  6. Now on the Confirmation step, check Web server is included for the installation. And then click Install.


  7. When installation is complete, click Close.


  8. Next, in Server Manager, select the Features node and then click Add Features. We can see that Web Server IIS tools are already in the features list.


  9. In the Features step, expand the .Net framework 3.5.1 Features and tick .Net Framework 3.5.1 and click Next.


  10. On the Confirmation step, Click Install.


  11. After the features are installed, on Results step, click Close.


  12. Now open the Windows Update control panel, and on the Change Settings page, select the option labeled Never check for updates (not recommended) and then click OK.
  13. Now check for available updates and install the updates.