Crawl For Search Service in SharePoint 2013

When I have a search for recent content in a SharePoint site it's not showing.

search recent content

Step 1

Go to SharePoint 2013 Central Administration.

Click the Start menu then click Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products then click SharePoint 2013 Central Administration.

Step 2

Click Manage service applications under Application Management.

manage service application

Step 3

Click your Search Service Application.

Click your Search Service Application

Step 4

The following screen will appear.

search service

Step 5

Click Content sources under Crawling.

Content sources

Step 6

Manage Content Sources as as in the following.

Manage Content Sources

Step 7

Click Local SharePoint Sites from Name Selection. Check your site collection under the Start Addresses section.

Addresses section

Step 8

Click the OK button.

ok button

Step 9

Click the drop down option in the Local SharePoint sites item and click Start Full Crawl for your SharePoint site.

Start Full Crawl

Step 10

Click OK to continue.

conform message

Your Crawl has begun. Click the Refresh button.

refresh page

Once refreshed your status will change to Crawling Full.

Crawling Full

search application

Once your crawl finishes the status will change to the Idle state.

Idle stage

Step 11

After the crawl completes go to your SharePoint site and search the content. Your latest search contents will show.



In this article we saw how to crawl for a SharePoint 2013 search service.