How to Join Bizspark


I hope all of you are fine. Today I will share some great news, this article will be helpful mainly for those launching startups. 

Please see this article in my blog: How to join Bizspark.


Bizspark is a software and service made for the startups. As we all know the world is following the entrepreneurs. So if you are thinking of giving it a try, I suggest you start now. Because this is the perfect time. Trust me, you will not get a better time than this. And this service is begun by the Microsoft. Yeah, I am sure we all are passionate about Microsoft. I always wonder what would we do, if there is no Microsoft? Sorry, I won't be able to find an answer for this question.

Why join BizSpark

There are so many benefits you will get if you join Bizspark. I will share a few here:

  • You will get 150$ Azure credits/month.
  • Free Microsoft software (for me this is so cool).
  • You will get these benefits for 3 years.

Fantastic, right? Billions thanks to Microsoft.

How to join Bizspark

It is so easy to join it. Go to Bizspark and click on "Join Bizspark".


Now you will be redirected. Just finish signing up and complete the process provided there. That's all, you are about to get all the benefits.

Getting help

Prabhjot Bakshi has uploaded a video on Azure for startups. It would be helpful for you all.

Learn some Azure basics here: Azure Basics.

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